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Wow, final day of filming was such a buzz, with so much to pack in and time was on our side, with everything completed right on schedule! Our awesome cast were just too hilarious at one point during an over-the-counter scene and there was corpsing all round, with only our AD managing to hold it together! Continuity nightmare with wigs, unicycles, pasties and a shop mirror, thankfully the clock was always supposed to be stuck on the wrong time!

Now the editing has been a scream, camera quality is so sharp and the colours look rich and vibrant. Some sections get funnier the more you watch them, so we have been enjoying the process a little too much! We have finalised the first 14 minutes, it has been painful making cuts, but we are delighted with the first half. Can’t wait to see the whole episode in front of a live audience on a big screen, and get a real reaction to the script Andy and I started 4 years ago…it will be a great feeling and a dream come true.

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