There are many people who have made this project possible, and without them we would never have got this far!

  • The Mall Shopping Centre
  • Arena Leisure Centre, Camberley
  • Farnham Maltings
  • Surrey Heath Borough Council
  • Camberley Theatre
  • Roxy Bar and Screen
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Enhanceable
  • Phyllis Tuckwell Charity

We raised a fantastic £930 through donations via Kickstarter, so a BIG thank you to:

  • Amy Gallagher
  • Mike Winter
  • Jasmin Lapthorn
  • Nick Ransom
  • Alistair Sanderson
  • Ben Moreton
  • Sarah Jane Dent
  • Reece Harkins
  • Anna Maria Payne
  • Tina Carney
  • Sophie Wellbelove
  • Nicole Rose
  • David Smith
  • Lynda Jones
  • Annie Lees Jones
  • Anna Steven
  • Hannah Clark
  • Helen Bracher
  • Julie Ryan
  • Michael Redmond
  • Stuart Edmeads
  • Catherine Parr
  • Jean Margaret Elliot
  • Rob Fox
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Toni Lancaster
  • Anthony Amabile
  • Tom Cooksey
  • Ben Galpin
  • Anne and Graham Gates

Thanks also to everyone who donated items for the set, who have liked and shared our Facebook posts, Retweeted our tweets and been so supportive in many other ways.



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