Praise for Help Yourselves

292A4992compFollowing the preview screening at Camberley Theatre on Wednesday 16 October, below are some of lovely comments the test audience gave.

  • “Pure genius – Ivy’s expression says it all”
  • “Very funny dry comedy”
  • “I loved the character buying the mini-skirt”
  • “Believable, touching and real”
  • “Brilliantly awkward”
  • Open All Hours meets Gavin and Stacey with a splash of Nighty Night – fab, well done!”
  • “Paula holds the whole lot together – likeable, very animated, comical expressions”
  • “The scene with the ex convict being interviewed is brilliant!”
  • “I work with volunteers – Ivy is very realistic!”
  • “Janet – fantastic acting”
  • “Favorite character Colin as you knew exactly how each character felt about him, nice arrangements and good pace change”
  • “Theme tune music was very catchy”
  • “You can’t go wrong with a good dildo gag”
  • “Right balance of overt humour and implied/subtle humour, and right balance between comedy and tragedy”
  • “Brilliant – would love to see another episode!”
  • “Really well written thoroughly enjoyed the dark humour. TV is missing quality British humour! Refreshing.”
  • “Was absolutely Brilliant loved it!”

Head to the Podcasts and Pics page to hear some of the cast and crew interviews.

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